Burns may be caused by a variety of serious accidents and can result in severe skin and deep tissue damage in extreme cases. If a property owner has the opportunity to prevent an accident that may lead to a burn injury on their grounds, but fails to take the appropriate action, they may be held legally liable for their inaction. In these situations, the injured individual may be entitled to hold a property owner financial accountable for the expenses caused by the otherwise avoidable incident. Unfortunately, there are many ways in which a negligent property owner can cause an innocent person to suffer from burns.

Causes of Burns from Poor Premises Management

Property owners need to take reasonable steps to prevent certain accidents from happening, which could save visitors, residents, or workers from sustaining serious injuries. However, if these precautions are ignored by a property owner, the following safety concerns may arise:

  • Burns from a fire that isn’t controlled through sprinklers
  • Burns from a fire in cases where alarms weren’t installed or maintained
  • Chemical burns caused by irregular or haphazard storage of dangerous materials
  • Steam or hot water burns from boiler room explosions or burst hot water pipes
  • Contact burns from poorly protected heat sources
  • Electrical burns from unshielded wiring

Unfortunately, these and other burn injuries can cause a victim significant suffering, physically, emotionally, and financially.

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