Premises liability

Fayetteville Premises Liability: What is an Invitee?

The term “invitee” is significant in Fayetteville premises liability cases, when the issue is what duty is owed to a person injured on someone else’s property.  As the term suggests, an “invitee” is someone who is on someone else’s property because they were invited by the owner of the property.  There are two types of invitees, depending on the...

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Dog Bites

Rogers Dog Bites: Am I Liable to a Trespasser for a Dog Bite?

Laws relating to liability for dogs are different in each state.  Therefore, owner liability for dog bites depends on where you live and which laws apply to your state.  Generally, states have either adopted the “One Bite Rule” or the “Strict Liability” approach. Arkansas’s One Bite Rule The One Bite Rule, as the name suggests, allows a dog “one...

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