car accident attorney in RogersIf you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident, contacting a car accident attorney in Rogers as soon as possible is important. If you are looking to secure the compensation to which you are entitled, there are several common mistakes that must be avoided. The Cottrell Law Office is here to help you avoid mistakes and secure your future.

Be Careful What You Say at the Accident Scene

It is never a good idea to say anything related to liability at the scene after a car accident. This includes saying the accident was not your fault or discussing what you recall happening. The best advice we can give is to say as little as possible. While you need to provide your contact information to the police and answer their questions, do not make accusations or admit to anything related to liability.

Beware of Insurance Carriers

Depending on your situation, you will likely need to report the car accident to your insurance carrier, just as the other driver will report the accident to theirs. You will be required to report the accident within a certain period of time. When you do, be sure to only give them the facts and nothing else. Do not discuss liability who you think was responsible. The mistake that many people make is assuming the insurance company is on their side. That is not the case. Their goal is to pay as little for the claim as possible. If they can get out of paying anything, they will do that as well. If you have already spoken to a car accident attorney in Rogers, let them handle the communications with the insurance carrier.

Don’t Settle Your Claim Too Soon or for Too Little

Another common mistake clients make is settling their car accident claims to soon.  First, remember that there is no obligation to accept the first settlement offer an insurance company makes.  You have the right to negotiate and it is usually wise to reject the first offer.  If you settle too quickly, you could be limiting your recovery because you may not know the true extent of all of your injuries or damages.  Immediately following the accident, the true extent of your physical injuries is not always known because it can take days or weeks for pain and some injuries to manifest themselves.  A car accident attorney in Rogers knows when to reject a settlement offer and how to negotiate for the compensation you deserve.

Never Sign a Waiver or Release Before Conferring with a Car Accident Attorney in Rogers

In addition to attempting to limit your settlement amount, car insurance companies often pressure car accident victims into signing a waiver.  The purpose of a waiver is to get you to accept a check while agreeing you won’t file a lawsuit for your claims.  If you sign a waiver or release you are forfeiting your legal right to recover for your injuries.  You should not sign a release until you are sure you are satisfied with your settlement, so do not be afraid to speak to your attorney first and let them review the waiver or release.  Once you sign, it’s too late.

Provide Accurate Information on the Accident Claim Form

When the time comes to fill out the insurance claim form, it is important that it is done completely and accurately.  If there are mistakes on the form, it could result in a delay in processing your claim.  It could even result in your claim being denied altogether.  You need to make sure you provide as much detail as you can about the accident.  The information you provide will be compared to the police report as part of investigating your claim.  The best choice is to have Rogers accident attorneys help you with your claim.

What Should You Expect to Recover?

The purpose of a lawsuit is to be compensated for the injuries you sustain as a result of someone else’s negligence.  The only way you can be compensated is monetarily.  Another purpose of the lawsuit is to hold the at-fault driver accountable for the injuries and losses you sustain during the accident.  The amount and type of recovery to which you may be entitled depend on many factors.  Rogers accident attorneys can help you with these and other issues following a car accident.
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