Liability For Injuries to a Trespasser in ArkansasOne of the most common examples where strict liability may come into play is in dog bite cases.
Topics covered in this report include:

  1. Premises Liability in General
  2. Duty to Trespassers
  3. A Higher Duty is Owed to a Child Trespasser
  4. Strict Liability for Extremely Dangerous Conditions
  5. Liability to Trespassers for Dog Bites
  6. The One Bite Rule
  7. Liability to Trespasser for Dog Bite

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Wesley Cottrell

Wes Cottrell earned his B.A. from Pittsburg State University in 1981 and his J.D. from the Washburn University School of Law in Topeka, Kansas in 1985. He was admitted to practice law in Kansas in 1986, in Missouri in 1987, in Arkansas in 1989, and Oklahoma in 1993. He is licensed to practice law in the United States District Court for the District of Kansas, eastern Arkansas, western Arkansas, and western Missouri. He was Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in Crawford County, Kansas from 1987-1989.

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