Importance of Truck Accident InvestigationThe importance of truck accident investigation cannot be overstated.  The basic purpose of truck accident investigation is determining liability.  Evidence of liability is key and it is critical that all evidence is preserved at the scene, as soon as possible.  So, if you have been injured in a truck accident, contact an experienced trucking accident attorney immediately, in order to have a better chance at preserving the evidence necessary to successfully litigate your case.
Evidence preservation is crucial
In addition to preserving evidence at the scene, one of the first things that must be done is sending a notice to the trucking company or truck owner, informing them of the evidence that must be preserved.  If this is not done immediately, trucking companies and truck owners can all too easily destroy evidence that might be helpful in your case.
What is involved in a truck accident investigation?
A thorough truck accident investigation will involve gathering evidence regarding all aspects of the truck accident.  Pictures must be taken of the accident site and of all damage to the vehicles involved in the accident.  Pictures of the plaintiff’s injuries, caused by the truck accident, are also important.
A large part of any truck accident investigation is interviewing witnesses.  Observations of the accident scene, the accident itself, and those who may have come in contact with the parties immediately after the accident should be recorded, while memories are fresh.  Obtaining contact information for witnesses is necessary in case they need to be formally called as witnesses.  Speaking to police officers and EMTs is also an important component to truck accident investigations.
In addition to taking pictures of the vehicles involved, they should also be inspected thoroughly.  Investigators will typically look for the condition of various parts of the vehicles, such as seat belts, brakes, and steering components.  The purpose is to find any defects or lack of maintenance, as well as, evidence of recent repairs.
Why are truck accident investigations so important?
It is through a thorough truck accident investigation that the evidence revealing the party at fault can be obtained.  Without proof, it is impossible to establish the negligence and liability of the person who is at fault in a truck accident.  It is crucial that the injured party performs his or her own investigation.  You can bet, the trucking company or truck owner involved in the truck accident will hire its own expert to investigate.  However, that investigator’s goal is to prove that the victim was actually at fault, or at least that liability should not be placed on the trucking company.  If they succeed, it is likely the trucking company will pay less damages, or nothing at all.
Not having an attorney, working with a truck accident investigator and other experts, will put you at a great disadvantage.  If you have questions regarding trucking accidents, or any other personal injury concerns, call the Cottrell Law Office at (888) 433-4861.

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