health care expensesThe injuries that occur as a result of an automobile accident can run from cuts and bruises to paralysis or disfigurement.  To further complicate things, some injuries do not show symptoms initially, or require future or long-term medical care.  However, you may have been injured, you should obtain a medical examination immediately after an automobile accident, so that you can get a clearer picture of what your injuries may be.  If you file a lawsuit regarding your accident, you will need to know what kind of health care expenses you can claim.
What are the typical medical expenses following an accident?
Medical bills and expenses following an automobile accident typically come from doctors, hospital stays, emergency room treatment, ambulance fees, and nursing services. All of these types of expenses can be claimed, as long as you can show that the expenses are related to medical conditions resulting from your accident.  Depending on the types of injuries you sustain, there are some more specialized types of treatment that may be required.
Physical Therapy
Don’t be fooled by what seems to be a minor fender bender.  Any type of accident could have serious physical consequences.  In many cases, some type of physical therapy is needed in order to reduce or eliminate pain, restore flexibility and range of motion, and increase strength in injured parts of the body.  The goal is to return the body to pre-accident condition, as much as possible.
Cognitive Therapy
Brain injury may be a result of serious or catastrophic automobile accidents.  In those cases, it is common for cognitive functioning to be damaged.  Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy refers to the type of treatments that address the cognitive problems arising from a brain injury.
Due to the wide range of symptoms and the levels of severity that cognitive problems can have, there are various types of treatment that may be required.  Some treatment is covered by insurance and some may not be covered.
In-Home Services
If you are seriously injured in an automobile accident, you may require in-home nursing care when you return home from the hospital.  Depending on the severity of your injuries and the type of care you need, the services of a registered nurse may be required. Some other examples of in-home services include: supervising or assisting you during in-home workouts, in-home physical and/or vocational therapy, and administering medications and/or examinations.
It depends on your doctor’s medical orders
The extent of attendant care services or in-home nursing services you may require depends on the injury you sustained and the type of care prescribed by your treating physician.  If your injuries are extremely serious, your doctor may order 24 hours/7 days week attendant care services, when your welfare and safety require such monitoring. For example, if you sustained a serious traumatic brain injury, you may need 24/7 care for the remainder of your life.  Regardless, the services provided must be reasonably necessary for your care, recovery and rehabilitation.
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