personal injury attorneysIf you suffer a physical injury or injury to your property, a personal injury attorney can help you obtain a recovery for your claims.  Knowing which type of personal injury attorney you need will depend on the type of claim you have.  Here are some of the common types of claims handled by personal injury attorneys in Arkansas and Missouri.

Various types of motor vehicle accident claims

When people think of accident claims, the first thing that comes to mind is a motor vehicle accident, whether it’s a car wreck or a crash involving a truck. Motor vehicle accidents can involve any type of motorized vehicle, including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, boating accidents, and bus accidents.
If a pedestrian is struck and injured or killed by any type of motor vehicle, that personal injury claim would fall under this category as well. Bicycle accidents would fall in the same category if a cyclist is struck and injured by a motor vehicle. A personal injury attorney is very knowledgeable about how to establish fault and prove damages, in order to obtain compensation for your injuries.

Accidents occurring in the workplace

A workplace accident is typically the result of either unsafe behavior and/or unsafe conditions in the workplace. A common issue in workplace accidents is the “safety culture” of the organization. Safety culture refers to how workplace safety is managed by the employer, including the shared attitudes, beliefs, perceptions, and values among employees. Workplace accidents cover several types of accidents and injuries that occur either at your workplace or in the course of your normal job duties. Some of the most common types of workplace claims include construction site accident claims and Workers’ Compensation claims.  Workplace claims typically have specific laws and regulations that are involved in determining liability.

Personal injury claims

There are a wide variety of personal injury claims.  Generally speaking, the different types of claims are based on the types of injuries and often require specialized assistance, including amputation/loss of limb claims, brain injury lawsuits, burn injury lawsuits, spinal cord injury claims, wrongful death lawsuits.
These are very serious injuries that require the expertise of experienced accident attorneys.  A common issue with serious or catastrophic personal injury claims is the effect the injury will ultimately have on your quality of life.  Personal injury attorneys are experienced in obtaining most appropriate compensation available.

Slip and fall cases

Another very common type of accident claim is the slip and fall.  This type of case is based on what is referred to as “premises liability.”  The success of the claim depends on whether there was a legal duty the property owner had to keep the premises safe, and whether that duty was breached.  In many cases, a property owner has a duty to keep their premises reasonably safe and free of hazards.  Not all injuries that occur on someone else’s property result in liability. The exact nature of a property owner’s legal duty depends on many factors.  Personal injury attorneys are knowledgeable of the laws that apply in the state where the accident occurred.

Dog bite injuries

Generally speaking, the owner of a dog is responsible for a dog bite or other injury caused by a dog attack.  The laws governing these types of claims are different in each state.  Some states follow a “strict liability rule” which says the dog owner is liable for dog bite damages even if the dog has never shown any aggression or a propensity to bite. Other states follow the “one bite” rules, in which owners only become liable for a personal injury claim if there was a reason for the owners to know their dog was aggressive or prone to bite.

Injuries caused by defective products

Defective product claims are based on injuries suffered from the use of a consumer product that was defective either in design or manufacturing, or a product that had insufficient instructions or warnings.  Some common types of defective product claims involve defective vehicles, drugs or medication, and medical devices.  To be successful in these cases, accident attorneys need to be experienced at demonstrating the defects that exist with the product, often including engineering and manufacturing issues.

Medical malpractice claims

Medical malpractice claims are typically based on accusations of negligent medical diagnosis or treatment. In handling medical malpractice claims, an accident attorney must have knowledge about the science and standards of care involved in medical diagnosis and treatment, in order to establish the healthcare providers had a certain duty of care and failed to meet that standard.
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