Inclement weather is considered to be any weather condition that impairs a person’s ability to drive safely on the road, such as rain, snow, ice, or even fog. Because it is often unavoidable to drive in such weather, drivers are supposed to take extra precautions when driving, so as to be better equipped to handle the dangers of inclement weather. Unfortunately, some drivers fail to acknowledge the danger and engage in dangerous driving, putting other motorists in harm’s way.

Common Dangers of Inclement Weather

Even just inclement weather itself can be very dangerous, but when coupled with unsafe driving, a person who drives responsibly may have their safety and wellbeing put in danger. Sadly, many other motorists on the road fail to consider the many dangers that inclement weather presents, such as:

  • Decreased vision / ability to see far distances
  • Increased anxiety or nervousness
  • Slippery / wet driving surfaces
  • Decreased ability to stop a vehicle quickly
  • Decreased reaction time for drivers

All of these dangers make the likelihood of an accident far greater, something that is especially true when another driver does not behave safely when behind the wheel.

Discuss the Dangers of Inclement Weather with a Car Accident Attorney in Joplin

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