Even when airbags properly deploy, a motorist in a particularly destructive accident may strike the bag with so much force that they can sustain significant trauma to their head and, most directly, their face. These facial injuries can prove extremely painful in many cases, and may have long-lasting effects on a person’s appearance, their senses, and their ability to communicate. As a result, treating facial injuries can often require substantial medical attention that may be very expensive.
Facing facial injuries that are caused by either another driver’s reckless actions or a car manufacturer’s negligence can be difficult, especially when considering the financial consequences and responsibilities. Fortunately, for anyone in such a situation, there are often legal avenues available to get the financial assistance and support that is much-needed.

Consequences of Facial Trauma

A motorist who sustains a facial injury from a car accident may develop a range of different health problems as a result of that trauma. These health consequences may include the following:

  • Loss of communication skills due to damage to the ears or mouth
  • Loss of sensory abilities, depending on where the trauma is sustained
  • Facial bone fractures, such as orbital blowout fractures or a broken jaw
  • Disfigurement and significant facial scarring
  • Infection risks

These injury concerns are often coupled with brain injury issues. While the face is particularly susceptible to injury in a car accident, the brain may also sustain damages due to head trauma or the violent jolt of a collision.

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