truck accidents differentIf you think all motor vehicle accidents are the same, you would be mistaken.  Accidents involving commercial trucks can be far more devastating, more complicated to litigate and more difficult to prove.  If you have been injured in a truck accident, consulting with a personal injury attorney, who has experience and success in handling truck accident cases, is the wisest decision you can make.  What makes truck accidents different, is nearly every aspect of the case.
How are truck accidents different?
There are so many ways that litigating a truck accident case is different from a simple auto accident case.  First, the laws that apply to trucks are different from those that apply to cars and other personal motor vehicles operating on the roadways.  Likewise, the rules and regulations governing truck drivers and trucking companies are very different.
The parties that are involved in truck accident litigation are very different and there are typically more parties involved than just the drivers.  Driving a semi is completely different from driving a car, as trucks are more sophisticated vehicles.  The physical dynamics of what happens during a truck accident are different from automobile accidents, and the resulting injuries are more often catastrophic.
Handling a truck accident case is more complicated
The way a truck accident case must be handled, from its inception, is very different.  Truck accident lawsuits are generally more time-sensitive and the evidence needed to prove liability must be preserved more quickly than in a typical auto accident case.  Also, the insurance issues that arise are often more complex.
Another complexity that arises in truck accident cases stems from the regulations governing the trucking industry, as whole.  Indeed, trucking industry regulations play a crucial part in truck accident lawsuits.  The trucking industry involves the transportation of commercial and industrial products, so additional regulations are required and must be followed by truck drivers and trucking companies.
For example, there are regulations that deal with the licensing of commercial drivers; the maximum number of consecutive hours of service that can be worked; and weight, size and route restrictions that apply to this industry.
Complexities of driving commercial trucks often lead to more accidents
The size and sophistication of large commercial vehicles make operating them much different than the operation of cars.  Large trucks are slower to accelerate and take longer to stop.  Large trucks obviously need more room to maneuver, so turning and backing up creates its own challenges.
Truck accidents also typically lead to more serious injuries, as well.  Catastrophic injuries are often caused by violent shaking of the occupants in a vehicle at the point of impact. Many times internal injuries from trucking accidents go undetected for several days following the accident. These injuries often require examination by a doctor to be discovered and diagnosed. Internal injuries can be very dangerous because they can quickly develop into more serious conditions. In addition to the above internal injuries from a motor vehicle accident, victims may also suffer bruising to various internal organs.
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