All states require licensed drivers to have auto insurance or proof of financial responsibility so that certain damages are covered in the event of an accident. Unfortunately, however, not all insurance companies act responsibly when it comes to providing coverage to auto accident victims. If an insurance provider wrongfully denies or delays a policyholder’s claim, it may be violating the terms of the policy agreement. As a result, the policyholder may be entitled to pursue this coverage through legal action.
If you or someone you love has been mistreated by an insurance company, there may be legal options available to fight for fair coverage. To learn more about how to prepare an insurance bad faith lawsuit against an insurer, contact the Arkansas insurance claims lawyers of the Cottrell Law Office today by calling 800-364-8305.

When Can a Policyholder File a Bad Faith Lawsuit?

Policyholders have powerful consumer rights if their insurance provider fails to uphold its end of a policy agreement. A wronged policyholder may be eligible to sue for his or her due payout in the following situations:

  • Wrongfully denied claims
  • Excessively delayed payouts
  • Inaccurate payout amount
  • Missing payout even after coverage was promised

Coverage provided by an insurance policy can be imperative for a policyholder to remain financially stable following an auto accident. Policyholders wronged by their insurers may want to consider speaking with an experienced legal advisor should their insurance providers unfairly deny or delay their claims.

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An insurance company has a responsibility to provide coverage in a reasonable and timely manner for its policyholders. If you haven’t received the coverage you should have after a car accident, we may be able to help you pursue this funding through an insurance bad faith lawsuit. For a free consultation regarding your full range of legal options, contact the Arkansas insurance claims attorney of the Cottrell Law Office at 800-364-8305