When you’re hurt and unable to work, Social Security disability benefits can provide a welcome safety net of income. However, obtaining these funds is often more difficult than it should be. 

The number of applicants combined with the tedious regulations of the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program means that the application process can move at a snail’s pace. To increase the chances of getting your money sooner, you may want to consult Social Security disability lawyers in Oklahoma.

Here, we share an overview of the Social Security disability approval process. 

What Is Social Security Disability?

The Social Security Disability Insurance program pays injured workers who paid Social Security taxes on their income. Social Security disability payments continue as long as you are disabled and can’t work.

Who Qualifies for Oklahoma Social Security Disability?

To qualify for disability benefits, you must have a physical or mental disability that prevents you from working. This means that you can’t perform the work you did before your injury and you can’t perform any other job. Your disability must be expected to last 12 months or more or result in death.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) issues “work credits” based on your length of employment and income. You must have the required work credit minimum to qualify for Social Security disability payments.

Members of your family, such as your spouse and children, may also receive Social Security benefits based on your disability. Each eligible family member can receive up to half of your eligible disability benefit amount. However, the total distribution to your family members is capped at around 150% of your disability benefit.

Steps to Getting Disability Benefits

Injured workers may not know how to apply for disability in Oklahoma.

Getting Social Security disability benefits requires these steps:

  • You file an application;
  • The Social Security Administration reviews your application and checks your medical and employment records;
  • The SSA may request more information, such as a medical evaluation or additional records; and
  • The SSA approves or denies your application.

If your disability application is approved, you will start receiving benefits. If your disability application is denied, you can appeal the SSA decision.

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How Can Disability Lawyers in Oklahoma Assist You?

Many people with disabilities attempt to navigate the Social Security disability application on their own. Unfortunately, the Social Security system is so complicated that claims may be unfairly delayed or denied.

Advocate for You to Receive Benefits

A lawyer who understands the Social Security disability system can advocate for your needs.

Your Oklahoma Social Security disability attorney will take these actions:

  • Help fill out paperwork; 
  • Check your application for errors; 
  • Submit your claim; and 
  • Work to get you fair disability payments.

Your lawyer can help you avoid mistakes in the application process that lead to claim denials. For instance, your attorney will make sure your application is completed correctly.

Work on Contingency

Some people worry that they can’t afford to pay Oklahoma disability attorneys. However, many Social Security disability attorneys work to help clients who can’t afford a lawyer. At Cottrell Law Office, we work on contingency, meaning that you don’t pay us anything up front. You pay us nothing until we get you disability benefits.

Contact an Attorney for Assistance with Your Oklahoma Disability Benefits

You shouldn’t risk the denial of Social Security disability benefits due to an application mistake. Because so much income is at stake, you should seek assistance from an experienced Oklahoma disability lawyer.

Contact Oklahoma Social Security disability attorney Wesley Cottrell at Cottrell Law Office to discuss your disability application.

Here are some things you should know about Wesley:

  • Wesley has 32 years of experience helping injured workers;
  • He has a reputation as one of the best disability lawyers in Oklahoma; and
  • He shows compassion and respect for each client, working with dedication to get them all available compensation.

Instead of trying to figure out this complex system on your own, get experienced legal representation. Contact Wesley or call (800) 364-8305 for a free consultation to learn more about your legal options for obtaining disability benefits.