How Long Does A Car Accident Settlement Take

After being injured in a car accident, many victims wonder how long does a settlement take for a car accident?

While it’s not uncommon for settlements to take several months or even years, there are instances where it may take less time.

So what’s the average time for a car accident settlement? Here’s everything you need to know about the settlement process and how our personal injury attorneys may be able to help.

Requirements for a Finalized Settlement

Before you receive a settlement offer, there are a few things you must do: reach maximum medical improvement, provide medical records, and send a demand letter. 

how long does a car accident settlement take after a deposition? Ultimately, your car accident settlement time frame varies greatly depending on the severity of the injury.

For those who have broken bones or strains, it may take only a few months to complete treatment and send a demand letter.

However, this becomes more complicated in car accidents involving a lifelong disability.

Maximum Medical Improvement

To receive a settlement, you either need to complete your treatment for your injury or reach maximum medical improvement.

This means that even if you need further treatment, your current condition is the best recovery possible.

For example, if you have a back injury that resulted in limited movement, it may not get better with further surgery.

Despite this, it’s possible to include future medical expenses in your claim. 

The best way to prevent delays with your car accident settlement is to seek treatment as soon as possible. In most cases, the insurance company won’t make an offer until you fully recover or complete treatment. 

Medical Records and Bills

Medical records, including treatment bills and doctors’ statements, are an essential part of your demand letter.

These records not only indicate whether you’ve reached maximum medical improvement but also describe the severity of the injury.

In claims involving serious injury, medical records play a major role in identifying future care requirements or complications.

However, sometimes doctors forget to add this important information. In this case, you may need opinions from other qualified medical professionals about your condition.

Demand Letter

Once you gather the evidence you need, you must send a demand letter to the insurance company.

The average time for a car accident settlement usually depends on the circumstances of your case and the insurance company receiving your claim.

In general, the insurance company takes anywhere from 2-14 weeks to evaluate the information in your claim.

Unfortunately, some insurance companies may not respond at all or deny the claim in bad faith. At that point, it’s best to call one of our personal injury attorneys to assist you.

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