Much like most other state court systems, Kansas has a hierarchical system where lower courts try cases and higher courts handle appeals and certain administrative matters. In Kansas, there are four separate courts. The lowest courts are the municipal and district courts. Municipal courts reside in the larger cities throughout the state and have limited jurisdiction to handle primarily violations of city codes, traffic and DUI offenses. District courts have more general jurisdiction and handle criminal, civil, probate, juvenile, and family cases. They also handle municipal matters in locations where there are no municipal courts.

The Kansas appellate courts

The Court of Appeals is the second tier of the Kansas Court system and it handles disputes that parties may have with a decision that has been made by a district court. The aggrieved party would file an appeal to the Court of Appeals requesting that the lower court decision is overturned. There are 13 judges on the three panels of the appellate court.
The Kansas Supreme Court is the final tier or the “court of last resort.” When the appellate court makes a decision and one of the parties affected by that decision disagrees, the case is then appealed to the Supreme Court. The Kansas Supreme Court also hears appeals of death penalty decisions directly. The high court also handles administrative matters and manages the operation of the other courts.
Kansas Judicial Branch
District Court Rules

Contact Information

The Kansas Supreme Court
301 SW 10th Avenue
Topeka Kansas 66612-1507
Office of Judicial Administration
Telephone:  785.296.2256
Fax:  785.296.7076
Appellate Clerk’s Office
Telephone:  785.296.3229
Fax:  785.296.1028

Johnson County District Court

Civil Courts

Clerk’s Hours
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday
Phone Number: 913 715-3400
Fax number: (913) 715-3401
Mailing Address
Clerk of the District Court
100 N Kansas Ave
Olathe, KS 66061

Civil Forms

Types of claims handled by personal injury attorneys

If you suffer a physical injury or injury to your property, a personal injury attorney can help you obtain a recovery for your claims.  Knowing which type of personal injury attorney you need will depend on the type of claim you have.  Here are some of the common types of claims handled by personal injury attorneys in Missouri and Arkansas.

Various types of motor vehicle accident claims

When people think of accident claims, the first thing that comes to mind is a motor vehicle accident, whether it’s a car wreck or a crash involving a truck. Motor vehicle accidents can involve any type of motorized vehicle, including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, boating accidents, and bus accidents.

Accidents occurring in the workplace

A workplace accident is typically the result of either unsafe behavior and/or unsafe conditions in the workplace. A common issue in workplace accidents is the “safety culture” of the organization. Safety culture refers to how workplace safety is managed by the employer, including the shared attitudes, beliefs, perceptions, and values among employees.

Personal injury claims

There are a wide variety of personal injury claims.  Generally speaking, the different types of claims are based on the types of injuries and often require specialized assistance, including amputation/loss of limb claims, brain injury lawsuits, burn injury lawsuits, spinal cord injury claims, wrongful death lawsuits. These are very serious injuries that require the expertise of experienced accident attorneys.

Injuries caused by defective products

Defective product claims are based on injuries suffered from the use of a consumer product that was defective either in design or manufacturing, or a product that had insufficient instructions or warnings.  Some common types of defective product claims involve defective vehicles, drugs or medication, and medical devices.  To be successful in these cases, accident attorneys need to be experienced at demonstrating the defects that exist with the product, often including engineering and manufacturing issues.

Medical malpractice claims

Medical malpractice claims are typically based on accusations of negligent medical diagnosis or treatment. In handling medical malpractice claims, an accident attorney must have knowledge about the science and standards of care involved in medical diagnosis and treatment, in order to establish the healthcare providers had a certain duty of care and failed to meet that standard.
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