Legally, pedestrians should be able to use walkways, crosswalks, and sidewalks safely and without feeling endangered; however, because of reckless drivers, pedestrians often find this right being violated. Sadly, many motorists fail to drive responsibly and safely, resulting in accidents between drivers and pedestrians that almost always leave the pedestrian with severe, potentially life-threatening injuries due to their complete lack of protection.
Irresponsible motorists who endanger the well-being of pedestrians deserve to be held responsible for the consequences of their actions, especially when an innocent person is harmed. Speak with an Arkansas pedestrian accidents attorney of the Cottrell Law Firm, today at 888-612-0583 about how you may be able to hold the party responsible for you or your loved one’s injuries in a pedestrian accident accountable. You should not be the one to bear the financial responsibility when their recklessness caused the accident.

Motorist Negligence in Pedestrian Accidents

Drivers who fail to pay attention to pedestrians may be held responsible if they cause any injuries from their negligence. In particular, a driver may be held liable for the repercussions of an accident between motorists and pedestrians if they are guilty of committing the following:

  • Not paying attention to the road and their surroundings
  • Not knowing the rules of the road and how right-of-way works
  • Running off the road, striking pedestrians on a sidewalk
  • Running through crosswalks or school zones without slowing down when needed

If a driver makes mistakes such as these and causes a pedestrian to be injured in an accident, the consequences for the pedestrian often dramatically affect their life. From medical bills to lost income to decreased quality of life, a pedestrian hit by a driver often finds themselves facing extensive financial burdens in addition to their physical and emotional trauma.

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Motorists that cause pedestrians to suffer such losses and pain should not be allowed to escape from the responsibility of their actions. Through a personal injury claim, they may be held liable for the many costs and losses a pedestrian sustains in such an accident. To discuss your situation and potentially taking action, call the Arkansas pedestrian accidents lawyers of the Cottrell Law Firm, at 800-364-8305 today.