Construction work can be extremely dangerous due to both the machines and the materials used during the building or demolition process as well as the elevated height at which construction work often takes place. Although construction site accidents can result in a number of catastrophic injuries, one of the most devastating that workers can suffer is accidental amputation. However, if the accident is the result of the construction company’s negligence or carelessness in adhering to proper safety protocol, injured workers may be entitled to financial compensation to help cover their damages.

How We Can Help

Depending on the location of an amputation injury, a person may experience significant disabilities that can completely turn his or her life upside down. Even with physical therapy, some amputees may be unable to return to work or participate in activities and hobbies they once enjoyed. At the Cottrell Law Office, we believe that wrongful amputation victims should not have to face these burdens alone, and our tenacious attorney can help you fight for compensation for the following:

  • Medical treatment costs
  • Prosthetics costs
  • Physical and occupational therapy bills
  • Home renovation expenses for making your house more disability-friendly

These injuries can carry heavy emotional burdens as well, but the person or party at fault may be obligated to cover counseling or psychological treatment for the victim.

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If you or someone you love has sustained an amputation injury because of an employer’s negligent conduct or policies at a construction site, there may be legal options for you to seek financial compensation for the costs associated with these lifelong injuries. To learn more about these options and how to prepare for a lawsuit, contact a lawyer from the Cottrell Law Office today at 800-364-8305.