Construction workers regularly handle powerful chemicals that can be hazardous to inhale, to ingest or even to touch. In order to help prevent accidents involving these toxic substances, construction companies are responsible for implementing and adhering to safety protocol regarding the proper handling of chemicals as well as for providing safety gear for employees working with these substances. Failure to do so can cause construction workers to suffer devastating chemical injuries, sometimes leading to permanent damages.

Consequences of Toxic Substance Exposure

Construction companies should provide their workers with ample safety precautions, both in protective equipment and smart worksite policies, to prevent chemical exposure accidents from happening. If a company’s safety efforts are too lax, workers can suffer the following injuries due to exposure to toxic substances:

  • Chemical burns
  • Respiratory injuries and lung damage
  • Internal organ injuries due to accidental ingestion
  • Damage to the eyes, leading to potentially permanent vision loss

An employee who has experienced health problems due to toxic substance exposure may be eligible to seek compensation from his or her employer if the proper steps were not taken to avoid the accident. These injuries can lead to considerable medical expenses, but a successful lawsuit may be able to help the accident victim secure funds to cover these costs.

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