Construction workers may work on particularly dangerous job sites that create a higher risk of sustaining a head injury. If safety codes aren’t followed properly by a site manager, employees may sustain traumatic head or brain injuries that can seriously jeopardize their well-being. In fact, of the many injuries that a construction worker can sustain, head and brain injuries are, tragically, among the worst and most debilitating.

Negligent Causes of Head and Brain Injuries

Construction sites are full of safety hazards that may result in a head or brain injury for an employee. However, it’s the construction company’s responsibility to promote good safety habits through strict policies and employing responsible managers for each worksite. If a company fails to take these steps, the following incidents may occur:

  • Objects from scaffolds, ledges, or platforms may fall on workers below
  • Debris from an explosion or demolition may strike a worker
  • Materials being moved by other workers or machines may strike a worker
  • A worker may slip and fall on a dangerously slick surface
  • A worker may be struck in the head, but hadn’t been provided with a safety helmet

If a construction worker sustains a head or brain injury as a result of these incidents, the construction company may assume legal responsibility for the resulting ramifications. Through a successful injury claim, an injured worker may be able to fight for compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages, and other related costs.

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