Construction workers are often asked to lift heavy items or materials while on job sites, which can put considerable strain on their muscles and ligaments. If a worker is asked to move too much or too often, it may put more stress on their body than it can safely handle, causing damage. The resulting injuries can seriously jeopardize a worker’s long-term health and well-being, as the joints and ligaments affected may take a particularly long time to heal or not ever fully recover.

Dangerous Injuries from Over-lifting

Workers should be given the appropriate tools or assistance they need to complete their daily work without significant risks to their health. However, many employers may not think carefully about how to reduce injuries from everyday lifting, putting employees at risk of developing a serious lifting-related injury. These injuries may include:

  • Back Injuries
  • Shoulder Injuries
  • Leg Injuries

Depending on the circumstances and severity of the injury, the injured worker may be left needing substantial medical attention in order to prevent paralysis or control the pain associated with these injuries. If this is the case, the injured employee may be entitled to pursue financial compensation from their employer if the injury was caused due to facing unnecessary work hazards.

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A lifting injury at work may leave you unable to return to your job, burdened by overwhelming injury bills, and in pain and suffering. Fortunately, however, there may be legal options available to help you fight for just compensation to cover many of the losses associated with this injury. Our lawyers at the Cottrell Law Office, firmly believe in supporting those who have been victimized by a lifting injury on a construction site. To learn more about your rights and how we can help, call 800-364-8305 today.