Slip and fall accidents on construction sites are often deceptively severe, potentially leading to devastating injuries such as traumatic brain damage and spinal cord injuries. Thus, any safety concerns that could contribute to slips and falls or trips and falls should be treated with careful regard by construction site managers and foremen. If a construction company fails to follow proper safety protocol regarding the prevention of slip and fall accidents, leading to the injury of workers or passersby, the negligent company can be held accountable for the ensuing damages.

Slip and Fall Hazards on Construction Sites

Although most people assume that slip and fall accidents are only minor incidents, there is a high risk of a person striking his or her head or severely fracturing an arm when hitting the ground. As such, it is imperative that construction site employers take the appropriate steps to help prevent these accidents. The following construction site hazards are frequently linked to slip and fall accidents:

  • Slicks from spilled liquids, including paint, water, fuel, and oil
  • Improper marking of steps, ramps, and other changes in elevation
  • Failure to dispose of debris in walkways
  • Improper storage practices on the site

By holding the construction company at fault for the accident liable for its negligence, you can secure the compensation you need for medical bills, lost wages during recovery, and other accident-related damages.

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