Elevators and escalators must be regularly inspected and carefully maintained by property owners to avoid potentially devastating accidents. If these machines malfunction, innocent users can suffer debilitating elevator and escalator injuries. In these situations, victims may be eligible to pursue compensation from the negligent property owner at fault for the high costs associated with their medical care, lost wages, and other injury-related damages. A knowledgeable attorney from the Cottrell Law Office can help Arkansas residents manage their claims and secure the remuneration they need.

Mechanical Failures and Elevator and Escalator Injuries

Elevator and escalator accidents can lead to severe injuries, including spinal cord damage, brain trauma, and broken bones. These elevator and escalator injuries may be linked to the following mechanical and maintenance failures:

  • Failure to maintain escalator tracks
  • Failure to maintain elevator cables and pulleys
  • Failure to address structural deficiencies that may lead to collapse
  • Electric malfunctions or uncovered wires

Property owners and managers have a responsibility to check these machines, addressing possible mechanical concerns in a timely manner before anyone is harmed. Failure to do so can put guests at risk of serious elevator and escalator injuries that may require extensive medical treatment and time away from work in order to recover.

Talk to an Attorney About Your Elevator or Escalator Injuries

If you or someone you love has sustained an elevator or escalator injury because of a property owner’s negligence in maintaining or repairing an elevator or escalator, there may be legal options available to fight for compensation for these injury-related costs. For more information about premises liability law and injury-related topics such as Social Security disability applications, contact a dedicated lawyer from the Cottrell Law Office by calling 800-364-8305 today.