Property owners have a legal responsibility to reduce the possibility of fires occurring on their premises by following all necessary fire and property regulations. Whether by installing the proper fire safety devices or taking crucial steps to establish a well-known fire safety plan, property owners are obligated to do their best to both prevent a fire from breaking out and minimize injuries if a fire does occur. Failure to do so, leading to a person sustaining an injury or even losing their life in a fire, may make that property owner liable for the harm caused to visitors, residents, and/or employees.
At the Cottrell Law Office, we know how devastating it can be for Arkansas residents to suffer the repercussions of a fire-related injury. From physical pain and emotional trauma to hefty financial burdens, victims of a fire often have numerous side effects with which they have to deal. However, when the fire or the resulting injuries could have been prevented by a more responsible property owner or manager, a victim and/or their family can often sue for compensation for these damages and losses.

Negligent Causes of Fire Injuries

Fires can oftentimes be prevented through a few important safety precautions that every property owner should consider. As such, property owners can often be held legally responsible when they:

  • Fail to install or maintain fire alarms, fire exit indicators, and sprinklers
  • Fail to address improper or damaged wiring in a building
  • Fail to clean up potentially high-risk fire dangers outdoors, such as dry brush during a hot summer
  • Fail to develop emergency plans for people to safely escape from a burning building

Sadly, an injured individual may sustain substantial burns as well as other health problems, such as smoke inhalation, due to these irresponsible practices.

Discuss Fires with a Premises Liability Lawyer in Arkansas

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