A stair collapse is a frightening accident that can be particularly devastating, as it often causes severe injuries and harm to those affected. Sadly, these accidents are all too often the result of a property owner or manager’s carelessness. However, when such collapses occur because of a property owner’s failure to address basic safety concerns, those left injured and suffering in a stair collapse can often seek retribution through a premises liability claim.
At the Cottrell Law Office, we understand how much undue suffering a person in Arkansas might be suffering after being the victim of a stair collapse. As such, we work diligently to help those injured in such accident to pursue justice and compensation from the negligent property owner.

Causes of Stair Collapses

Property owners have some crucial duties to take care of on a regular basis when it comes to maintaining stairs. Although these structures may not require the same kind of mechanical upkeep as elevators or escalators, they still require regular maintenance and can cause serious injuries if such repairs are ignored. In fact, a stair collapse may occur if a property owner is negligent in the following manners:

  • Fails to perform inspections or maintenance
  • Fails to replace rotten wood or rusted metal
  • Fails to repair broken connectors that secure the staircase to a wall
  • Allows excessive weight or traffic on an unsecure staircase

Injuries caused by stair collapses often require some degree of medical care. Unfortunately for the victims, these treatments are often very expensive, especially when the injury causes some sort of long-term disability.

Find out More about Stair Collapses from an Attorney in Arkansas

A stair collapse injury may leave you or someone you love with immense financial problems, such as medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses, or missing income from lost wages. At the Cottrell Law Office, our legal team understands this and, as such, is prepared to help the victims of such an accident pursue get financial compensation that covers many of these costs. To discuss your options for pursuing a stair collapse claim with an experienced legal advisor in Arkansas, call 800-364-8305 today.