Fires that erupt from defects or malfunctions in car parts can be extremely dangerous. These fires can quickly fill a vehicle with smoke, cause immediate control failures for the driver, and put everyone inside the vehicle at risk of an explosion. Defects responsible for fires are often catastrophic safety concerns that should have been caught by a manufacturer before the part was produced or installed in the vehicle. Unfortunately, there are certain defects that are seemingly commonly missed by these parties, causing unsuspecting parties to be put in danger.

Defects Causing Car Fires

Automotive manufacturers have a responsibility to inspect their parts during the manufacturing process and adequately test their designs prior to beginning the manufacturing process. If these defects are cited as the cause of an incident, the manufacturer may be held accountable through strict liability. The following automotive defects may be responsible for injuries caused in a car fire:

  • Engine defects
  • Battery malfunctions or explosions
  • Computer and electrical malfunctions

If a person isn’t able to safely stop their vehicle and exit it, they may sustain very serious injuries as a result of a subsequent collision or due to the spread of the fire and smoke. These injuries can require immediate medical care, which may prove particularly expensive. However, these injured motorists may be entitled to pursue compensation from manufacturer of the defective part.

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