When a patient develops an infection, it’s crucial for medical care providers to act with reasonably urgency to determine a course of treatment. In many cases, infections can spread quickly and drastically worsen when not properly treated. If a patient is left without a proper diagnosis or treatment options by their doctor, their condition may rapidly worsen and they may be at risk of even more serious health problems.

Complications from Delayed Care for an Infection

When treating an infection, time is a major factor in determining how well a patient can be expected to recover. If a doctor fails to make a prompt diagnosis or to take the necessary steps involved in providing necessary treatment, they may seriously endanger their patient. Their negligent delays may be responsible for the following complications:

  • Spread of the infection throughout the body
  • Worsening condition of already infected areas
  • Organ shut-down
  • Sepsis

Depending on the type of infection and how severe it is, a person may be subjected to more drastic treatments after being subjected to delays in treatment or diagnosis. In some cases, treatment options like amputation may be avoided by a hastier response to an infection.

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