Contact with an unprotected source of electricity can cause the electrical current to shoot through a person’s body, severely burning both the site of current entry and exit and causing damage throughout the body. These electrical burns can be painful as well as dangerous to a person’s health, as internal tissue can suffer serious damage. Because of the gravity of these injuries, a person may require immediate medical attention. However, the cost of this treatment can be expensive without financial assistance from the party at fault for the accident.
If you or someone you love has sustained an electrical burn due to another person’s careless or reckless actions, we may be able to help with the process of seeking compensation. For more information about your rights to financial compensation, contact an Arkansas personal injury lawyer of the Cottrell Law Office today by calling 800-364-8305.

The Cost of Medical Care for an Electrical Burn

The extent of medical care necessary for an electrical burn can vary greatly based on the amount of contact with the electricity, the strength of the current, and other factors. However, this medical care can include the following:

  • Prescription drugs for pain management
  • Surgical intervention for severe internal injuries
  • Use of a pacemaker to re-regulate heart rhythm
  • Skin grafts at the site of the burn
  • Care for broken bones or other falling injuries
  • Emergency assistance for shock

These medical bills can quickly add up, but if your burn was caused by the negligence of someone else, he or she may be held accountable for covering these costs.

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