When a person sustains a serious injury to the brain, they may experience the loss of basic skills and abilities that have developed over the course of their lifetime. In particular, language loss frequently occurs shortly after a brain injury and, in some cases, can persist long afterward. The degree and type of language loss often depends on the severity of injury and where it occurred in the brain. Although these disabilities are typically difficult to treat, they can usually be improved somewhat with substantial medical care.
If you have developed a language disorder because of someone else’s negligent or reckless actions, a legal representative may be able to help you pursue financial compensation for the cost of those injuries. For more information about your range of options after suffering from such an injury, contact the Arkansas brain injury lawyers of the Cottrell Law Office, today by calling 800-364-8305.
Language loss caused by a brain injury may affect a person’s ability to communicate drastically. Depending on what areas of the brain are injured and how badly those areas are damaged, a person may sustain the following language problems:

  • Inability to cognitively create language, which can affect both spoken and written skills
  • Inability to understand language, which can affect both spoken and written skills
  • Physical inability to write due to fine motor disabilities
  • Physical inability to speak properly, changing spoken tone, pitch, and cadence

In addition to these problems, a person’s injuries may drastically affect the way they interact with the world, remember certain facts, or affect their vocabulary. This can also dramatically change the way they communicate.

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An injury to the brain may leave you with substantial treatment and recovery costs, including therapy and pharmaceutical expenses, that can be difficult to manage. However, compensation to cover these expenses may be available through a personal injury lawsuit. For a free consultation with an experienced legal advisor regarding your options if you’ve been injured because of another person’s mistakes, contact an Arkansas brain injury attorney of the Cottrell Law Office, at 800-364-8305 today.