Psychological abuse is much harder to see when compared to physical abuse, as it often doesn’t leave visible marks. However, this form of abuse can be just as destructive to a person as physical damage. Unfortunately, psychological abuse in nursing homes is not a rarity; in fact, many innocent people suffer from abusive behaviors regularly, and aren’t sure what to do to combat the mistreatment.
Our team at the Cottrell Law Office is well aware that there are, sadly, many different ways in which a nursing home resident in Arkansas can be emotionally abused. Depending on the type of psychological abuse that occurs and how long it lasts, in addition to other factors, this form of abuse can have long term, if not permanent, repercussions.

3 Common Forms of Psychological Abuse

Many behaviors could cause trauma to a person’s psyche, but it seems that some abusive behaviors are reported more often than others. Three common examples of behaviors that could lead to psychological trauma include:

  • Humiliation
  • Isolation
  • Verbal Abuse

Whether a nursing home resident suffers from these or other forms of psychological abuse, it can cause serious issues, and is something no one should have to endure.

Discuss Psychological Abuse in Nursing Homes with an Attorney in Arkansas

Our loved ones depend on us to care about them, and holding any person who psychologically abuses a loved one responsible is a major part of providing that care. If your loved one has been mistreated, our attorney of the Cottrell Law Office can help you fight against the abuser and pursue the justice and compensation you need. Call us today at 800-364-8305.