Many construction projects involve removing old structures and buildings. In order to do this, demolition, which is the tearing down of buildings and other structures, usually must take place. While our team at the Cottrell Law Office knows that the demolition phase of construction is essential in many Arkansas projects, it also poses threats to those who are in the immediate vicinity while it occurs. Unfortunately, this risk all too often results in the undue harm of an innocent and unsuspecting person, causing them to suffer from burns, amputations, paralysis, and other such devastating injuries.

Dangers that Demolition Poses

The process of demolition often involves the use of cranes, back-hoes, electrical equipment, and heavy-duty machinery. As a result, those working on such projects and anyone in the nearby vicinity are usually placed in a certain amount of danger; however, should a construction manager or other responsible party act negligently, innocent people may be placed in even greater danger due to:

  • Debris and flying objects
  • Explosion risks
  • Smoke and dust inhalation
  • Roadway obstructions
  • Falling objects (especially from a great height)

These dangers are not minor; they can cause severe physical injury that results in the need for medical treatment. In many cases, people have difficulty paying for this treatment as it can be enormously expensive. However, sometimes construction accidents, when they are not your fault, might lead to you getting financial compensation for your injuries, so that you can pay for costs associated with them.

Contact a Construction Accident Attorney in Arkansas

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