Traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, can lead to a number of devastating consequences, including memory loss. Memory loss from head and brain injuries can vary widely in scope and severity—some people may temporarily lose specific memories, while others may never be able to form long-term memories again. Treatment for memory loss is often a difficult, costly process, but if someone else caused you to suffer a head or brain injury and subsequent memory loss, he or she may be obligated to cover your treatment expenses.
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How Head and Brain Injuries Can Affect Memory

Depending on the circumstances of a head and brain injury, the prognosis for a victim of memory loss can vary significantly. The following types of memory loss can occur as a result of a traumatic brain injury:

  • Short-term memory loss, including the loss of memories associated with the injury itself
  • Long-term memory loss, which may cause a person to forget personal details and events about themselves and their families
  • Inability to recall skill-specific information, such as information needed for a given profession or hobby
  • Inability to create new memories, both short- or long-term ones, due to specific damages to the necessary parts of the brain

The impact these injuries can have a person’s life are often immeasurable. Not only can a TBI victim suffer severe emotional trauma as a result of losing his or her memory, but the individual can also be put in a frustrating financial situation due to the loss of the ability to work.

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