Truck underride accidents occur when a motor vehicle slides under the bottom of an 18-wheeler’s or semi truck’s trailer during a collision. As a result, the front of the vehicle, which houses important crash protection features like the crumple zone, doesn’t receive the brunt of the collision. Instead, that force is concentrated on the windshield and roof support frame, often causing head and neck trauma for the motorists involved. However, truck drivers have a responsibility to take steps to prevent these accidents, and they may be held accountable when they fail to employ certain underride safety devices.

Necessary Safety Features for Underride Accident Prevention

There are several safety features that are either mandated by truck safety laws or that are known to reduce the possibility of underride accidents. Truck drivers should implement the following precautions to avoid these devastating accidents:

  • Rear underride guards, which are required by law
  • High-visibility tape, also legally required
  • Trailer lights along the length of the trailer to maximize visibility
  • Side underride guards

If a truck driver ignores these safety devices or allows existing ones to fall into disrepair, he or she may be held accountable for whatever accidents this terrible act of negligence causes as a result.

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