Childcare products and toys that contain loose magnets or magnetic pieces that can break away from the items may endanger children who accidentally swallow these pieces. Magnets are not only choking hazards, but, in cases when multiple magnets are swallowed, they may put a child at risk for severe internal injuries as well. The lawyers of the Cottrell Law Office understand the fear and anger parents feel when dangerous products harm their children, which is why we help clients in Arkansas fight for justice on behalf of their injured kids.

Dangers of Loose Magnets in Toys and Childcare Products

If a toy magnet is too large, it may cause children to choke if they attempt to swallow the piece. On the other hand, if the magnets are small enough to be easily swallowed, multiple magnets can attract while passing through the child’s intestines, potentially causing severe harm. The following health issues can occur when children swallow small, powerful magnets:

  • Intestinal perforation, causing internal bleeding
  • Intestinal blockages
  • Circulatory shock
  • Sepsis

Children injured because of these magnets may require substantial medical attention, which can put an immense financial burden on a family. However, the manufacturer of the defective product may be responsible for these loose magnets, making the company obligated to cover your child’s medical bills and other damages.

Contact a Product Liability Lawyer from Arkansas

If your child has been injured because of a defective childcare product or toy, there may be legal action you can take against the product’s manufacturer. For more information about how to prepare a product liability claim and how we can help, contact an attorney from the Cottrell Law Office today by calling 800-364-8305.