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Construction work can be very dangerous, regardless of whether you are working on a small project for a homeowner or a major commercial job.  The unfortunate reality is that construction accidents are quite common despite the various regulations and inspections meant to promote job safety.  Even with all of the job safety programs in place to help reduce construction site accidents and increase safety awareness, a construction accident lawyer can have his hands full representing victims of work-related injuries.  Accidents and injuries involving cranes are only one example of the many types of construction accidents that occur.

Fatal construction accident in Dover, Arkansas

Due to the continual increase in urban development in our country, and around the world, crane accidents have unfortunately become more common.  The desire for bigger buildings and more extensive construction projects have led to more and more construction workers and crane operators, both trained and untrained. Regardless of the focus on safety, crane accidents and collapses can still occur.
Recently, a young man was killed in a crane accident in north Dover, Arkansas where a crane was being used for highway improvements on Highway 7.  The young man, identified as Matthew K. Ferrari, was operating the crane at the time of the accident.

Crane accidents are more prevalent than you may think

According to a report in 2009, there were over 300 crane accidents in the United States, 197 of which were fatal.  It is actually surprising that these types of accidents aren’t more prevalent since cranes are used on nearly every large construction site.  Indeed, there are more than 125,000 cranes being used in the construction industry and more than 250,000 workers operating them.

Common causes of crane accident and injuries

There are several ways that crane accidents can occur and every situation is different.  Your construction accident lawyer will be familiar with how a construction accident involving a crane needs to be handled. Here are some of the most common causes of crane accidents.

  • Tipping caused by overloading / improperly secured load
  • Dropped loads
  • Hitting a power line
  • Crushing caused by the counter weight
  • Falls
  • Crashes caused by improper maintenance of the crane
  • Rigging failures
  • Boom collapse

Another very common cause of crane accidents is the crane operator, more specifically, operator error, inattention, or lack of sufficient training. With this type of cause, negligence claims can often be easy to prove.

Construction accidents in general

It is commonly recognized that construction sites are inherently dangerous for workers.  Nevertheless, employers still have a duty to make the workplace and the equipment being used, safe for its employees.  When the injuries suffered are not the fault of the employee, a construction accident lawyer can guide you through proving your claims.

Common types of construction accident claims

There are some common types of accident claims that construction accident lawyers are very familiar with.  For example, electrical shock can result from faulty wiring.  Head, neck, and spinal cord injuries are typically caused by falls from scaffolding or other elevated equipment.  Mechanical issues or heavy machinery failures also frequently cause injuries or death, including amputations.

Construction accident claims usually involve workers’ comp claims

Some workers who are injured on the job are hesitant, at first, to speak a lawyer about their construction accident injuries.  Usually, that is because they believe their chances of recovery will be small or the compensation you receive will be minimal.  This can be a reasonable concern since most state’s workers’ compensation systems are not very generous.  However, after speaking with a construction accident lawyer, who is particularly familiar with the workers’ compensation system, can alleviate a victim’s apprehensions.

A construction accident lawyer can provide invaluable assistance

The best type of attorney to help with a construction accident case must have experience in more than just personal injury claims and construction accident claims.  He or she must also be very familiar with the workers’ compensation laws in your state.  Your attorney can help you obtain the compensation to which you are entitled under workers’ comp, as well as further compensation beyond those particular benefits.  If you have been hurt by defective machinery, for example, that would constitute a personal injury claim, as well.
If you have questions regarding construction accidents, or any other workers’ compensation or personal injury concerns in Arkansas or Missouri, please contact the Cottrell Law Office for a consultation, either online or by calling us as (888) 433-4861.

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